Akela Taka's Fursuits and Cosplay

Akela Taka's Fursuits and Cosplay

Terms of Service

Updated 31/12/2021.

How to apply for a commission.

Most of the year I am NOT opened for commissions. When I am, I announce this on my social media websites, and you can contact me. My commission slots are, however, very limited and I cannot guarantee you will receive a slot as I do NOT follow the "first come, first serve" rule, but I rather choose the projects that are the most appealing to me.
When you do want to apply for a slot, please, either write me an e-mail to silka@atlas.cz or send me a message at Instagram or Twitter with the following information:

1. The character/species you want me to make (please include a reference picture if possible)
2. If you want only a head or a partial and if you want the suit to be built on an existing base or if you want me to model a new base
3. Any other details of the features you are interested in, such as detachable/magnetic parts of the costume, posable features, long hair, etc. etc. (read my commission info to see what I can do)
4. Your age
5. Your location (country)

I will do my best to reply to all applications, even if I have to decline them. If I do accept your commission, I will contact you to discuss the details, and after you have paid at least 50% of the total price, your slot will be reserved and I will start working on your project.

Fitting the suit

After I accept your commission, I will require your head and possibly hand/feet measurements. My masks are size-adjustable (with a size adjustable strap), but to make the moving jaw work, the mask needs to perfectly (and often somewhat tighly) fit your head. Thus, I will put paddings inside the mask based on your head measurements. Still, these may require some adjustments, which you will need to make yourself once you receive the mask. You will receive all materials and instructions on how to do so.

Payment methods.

I accept payment through Paypal and money bank transfer.

Fees and Payment Plans.

I will start to work on your project once I receive 50% of the total price. Payment plans for the rest of the price are possible. If I have not heard from the client in two weeks after getting a slot and not paying, the commission will be called off.
If the project involves a costume that can be sold to a different person in case the client decides to not pay the rest of the price (e.g., a "random" attractive realistic animal, a cosplay costume, etc.), the other 50% can be paid upon the completion of the costume. However, I WILL NOT ship out the products until I have 100% of the payments in.

Location and shipping.

I am located in the Czech Republic (European Union), but I will ship worldwide. As long as your country allows it, I will send the shipment with full insurance and tracking, which may cost about 40-80 EUR, depending on your destination. If you live outside of the European Union, however, do your research and know the customs/import fees or taxes that are involved with receiving an expensive item from the EU and plan accordingly. I will NOT list items for out of EU as gifts or mark them underpriced. As much as I would love to help you avoid the stress linked to the taxing process when receiving a shipment from abroad, it is ILLEGAL and and as such I cannot really help you. I am sorry.

I will pack the suit to survive possible water damages and rough housing. However, I am not responsible for any damage your costume might have received in the mail. If the item never shows, I will normally contact the shipping company and request a refund of insurance cost. This money will be sent to you if I manage to win the case, but please be patient as this can take any amount of time (usually about three months). Please do not rush the process. Also, please do keep in mind that shipping the suit overseas may normally take a month or two and that's ok. I will only raise a complaint if you have not received the shipment for two months or more.

Age restriction.

I will only accept commissions from ages below 18 if your parent/legal guardian is involved. However, if you are a parent wanting to buy a mask for your kid, please do be aware of the fact that my products are NOT meant for kids. My fursuit costumes are made of resin, not foam, and they are luxury items that need special handling. If broken, they could even hurt your kid (e.g., scratch their face), and in such case of improper handling and care, I am not responsible for any damage caused by my products.

However, my masks are size-adjustable, so if a responsible young person whos head is still growing wants to buy my mask, they don't need to worry to outgrow the mask.


It is possible to cancel the order anytime by the client. However, if I have already purchased the materials, I will not refund the 30% of the full price. The rest of the money will be refunded depending on the work already done. E.g., if your project included a custom-modeled base and finished fursuit head and I have already finished the model for the base, you will receive the base and the payment for the base will not be refunded. If you decide to cancel the commission when I have already made a base fully prepared for furring, and the commissioned character was your Original Character, I will refund 20% of the total price and the head will be turned into a different character and sold.

If I am unable to finish your project because of some unpredictable reason (e.g., natural disaster, disease, etc.), you will get a full refund.

However, do stay in contact with me about any problems regarding payments or the costume and do communicate with me as soon as possible. If there are any problems, I will try my best to solve them. If you find any problems with your costume that need reparation and were clearly my mistake, I will repair them free of charge (the client pays the shipment from them to me, I pay shipment from my place to theirs), or, I will give all sort of advice how you can make the repairs yourself.

Deadlines and completion times.

I do not accept deadlines and I do not make rushed projects. Waiting time for my costume is one year (I will accept commissions by the start of a year and complete them within given year). This is because some parts of the costume require warm weather (I do not have my own workshop and I make most of the stuff either at my appartment or in a garden, which requires warm wather). Thus, I would not be able to rush your project even if I wanted to.

Usually, the first quarter of the year I make new models and base molds, second quarter I cast the resin bases, cut and dremmel details, hinge moving jaws and I cast the resin eyes; The third quarter, I model the rest of the details such as eyelids, teeth, and tongues and the last quarter, I do all the furring. Thus, I work on all of the projects at once, and I will not finish them one by one.

If the commission is not finished half a year after it was due (i.e., a year and a half after the commission was placed), you can cancel the commission and receive a full refund.

Communication and online promotion

Communication is through e-mail (silka@atlas.cz) or Instagram/Twitter personal message only. I focus on the client's vision and I will always discuss the project, offering tips to optimalize it to the client's full satisfaction.

When I accept your commission, I will keep in contact with you about the updates on your order. Sometimes, I may also ask questions during the project regarding some details, showing you progress and even simulations of various features. It is best if you can communicate fast in such cases so the progress is not temporarily halted. You are also free to contact me anytime if you have questions about the progress or details. If there is something worrying you, let me know before it's too late. I will make any small changes for free, larger changes may require additional payment.

The progress will be posted on social media websites. If you do NOT want it to be posted before completion (e.g., if it is a present for someone and you don't want them to see it before you give it to them), you need to tell me this when we first discuss the commission. Otherwise I will automatically post all updates on social media.

Upon completion, either I or my husband will wear the mask to model it for pictures and videos that I will post online, before shipping the suit to you, but you will receive a fully cleaned and sanitized suit.

Fur colors.

Please keep in mind that faux fur colors are somewhat limited. I always try to find not just the correct color, but also the right length and quality. I also always airbrush any remaining details into the fur, and if your desired character has unique markings with a special color, it may be easier to paint them than to sew them in - the painted markings may be of any color imaginable as I can blend any color you might want. This is only good for little patches though because the paint changes the fur texture a little bit, and, should I airbrush the whole head, the fur may loose its softness and fluffiness.

If you have very special requirements for the fur shade/texture, let me know so I can find the best fur for you. In case of doubt, you can snail-mail me a color sample you want me to replicate on your suit.

Concept art.

Before starting your commission, if you want your original character, I will need a reference sheet or clear concept art. If you want a realistic animal, I will require photos of said animal that best represents the final look you want to achieve on the costume because there is usually a huge intraspecies variability. If you are looking for a cosplay costume, I will need some references so I know exactly which variant or type of the character you are looking for.

If you have a rough idea about the character you want and have no reference sheet, I can make one for you for additional price.


I own a hairless Chinese crested dog. Although some people allergic to dogs are fine with the hairless variety, others have no tolerance, so if you are allergic, please do your research and in case of a strong dog allergy that includes the hairless dogs, please better stay safe and order a mask from somebody else. My dog is usually allowed to go near my workspace and touch the fur and other materials, so if this bothers you, please do tell me beforehand so I can avoid the contact in case of your suit.
Also, if you are allergic to anything else, please do notify me before ordering the suit, because sometimes I may use allergenic materials such as latex glue.

I hold the right to drop a commission if any harassment is received. Please do have in mind that when commissioning me, you automatically accept these Terms and Conditions.