Akela Taka's Fursuits and Cosplay

Akela Taka's Fursuits and Cosplay


Welcome! I am Akela Taka, a cosplayer and fursuiter from the Czech Republic. I have been cosplaying for more than 10 years, during which I gained a lot of costume-building experience. I always focused mainly on the crafting aspects of cosplaying, although lately, I also started to participate in cosplay contests. I have won my first cosplay contest at ComicCon Prague 2021 with my Rocket Raccoon cosplay and now I am working on a number of different suits, almost exclusively animal-themed.

If you like my art, please do follow me on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, or Tiktok, check out our shop, or support me on Ko-Fi - your support is greatly appreciated and allows me to keep growing as a cosplayer and a fursuit maker and learning new techniques, which I can then use to make costumes for you!

Also, please follow me on these social media where I will announce when I open commission slots.

This website is mostly for informative purposes for people who are interested in commissioning me, and you can find all the related information here: Prices, terms of service, and more!

Are you looking for a custom-made fursuit head and/or partial? Check out my commission information page!
I can make customized clay scupts for both fursuit heads and cosplay props!
If you are looking for a custom-made silicone part or prop for your project, you are at the right place!
Check out these photos of my finished cosplays/fursuits!